I asked a software builder your blockchain questions. Mind blown🤯

If you listen to this podcast you will have a clear understanding of what blockchain is and be better equipped to make decisions about which blockchain systems (apps, banks, voting, corporations) may be safe to use in the future, and which ones may not be safe or productive and why.

YOUR questions are answered:

What is blockchain? Made easy, made SIMPLE.

How does blockchain work?

How are blockchain-run banks different from current banks?


In which ways can bitcoin be messed with and in which ways can it not be?

Can we use and create blockchains on our own or is it only owned by gov/ big corps?

Can blockchains be used theoretically to control or supersede the actions of politicians and government? How?

What's an NFT? MADE EASY!

What is web 3? MADE EASY

What are the benefits of blockchain for users, not just holders?

How can blockchain be used for voting and how to differentiate between a corrupt vs. fair blockchain system?

Can a city or community be run using blockchain? How?

Why do people think they can use it to leave the matrix? What if the power shuts off?