A few of  of the questions I answered in this podcast:

Who and What is Q?

What is my opinion and experience with Q?

What's up with the truth community nowadays?

What is the truth behind one of the most explosive symbols in the recent Balenciaga campaign?

What is the big picture behind everything we see happening on the world stage?

What can our future look like?

What was the biggest bombshell in Hillary Clinton's leaked emails?

How does that connect to the Balenciaga campaign?

Did Q work to subdue patriots?

Did Q prevent a revolution?

What did Q lie about and why?

What was the intention of the people who created Q?

How do we know that Trump was working with Q?

How did Q begin? What effect did it have? (FULL story)

What is the matrix, really?

These are just a few...it is PACKED with info and new perspectives.

+ visual photo and video evidence for my claims+ links to find out more on your own!

+ a comment section for you to ask questions on any of these topics and discuss with others!

See you there!❤😊